To join the club you will need to complete a Club Membership form, a ‘code of conduct’ acceptance form, a Medical Declaration/Consent form and a Standing Order form, all available from Matthew Makin. The completed forms should be returned to Matthew Makin 07891099871 at or Andy Sutton at

The current monthly cost for the various squads at march 2022 are:

Membership Fee Swimming Fee Total Fee
Learn to Swim £6 £14 £20
S Squad £14 £6 £20
E Squad £14 £30 £44
A Squad £14 £30 £44
B Squad £14 £27 £41
C Squad £14   £23 £37
D Squad £14 £18 £32

For families with more than two members only two membership fees will be charged, the swimming fee is payable for all swimming members.

Completion of the membership form gives parents the opportunity to permit Gift Aid claims to be made against the membership subscriptions. Each parent must pay more tax than the amount Copeland ASC will claim back from HMR&C. No information on parental income etc. is known to the club but we do have to have permission to reclaim the tax/Gift Aid and this is done via the membership form.

There is no charge for adult membership.

The membership and swimming fees are due on joining the Club and thereafter on the 1st day of each month until you leave the club.

Any member whose subscription is unpaid for 60 days may be suspended by the Committee from some or all the club’s activities from a date to be determined by the Committee and until such payment is made.

This is important because if your membership has lapsed because you have not paid your fees then you are no longer insured through the ASA and we CANNOT allow anyone in this position to train at club sessions.