LTS Gala open to anyone 8 years old or younger on 31/12/2022 or still currently in Learn to Swim

any swimmer that can only swim a width with a float or a noodle ect dont worry people will be in the pool along side them all the time.

swimmers to swim 1 width (doggy paddle if needed) or 25m (1 Length) of freestyle, backstroke or breaststroke

any one doing width will not be swimming lengths

LTS Gala 2022 WEDNESDAY 30/11/22
Sunday small pool swimmers to only swim width.
Sunday large pool swimmers to swim width unless they can swim a length unaided.
Wednesday swimmers to only swim lengths.
Please select the buttons of the swims you wish to enter.
Don’t forget to submit your entry when complete.
You should receive an email confirmation of the swims that you have selected.
Please check your junk mail folder for confirmation email.