This form is to be completed by a parent or guardian, to acknowlage that you and your swimmer understand and accept the codes of conduct from Swim Endland that Copeland ASC adhere to, the forms can be printed off from the link provided or from the other link in the documents tab, There you will also find a link to ASA Wavepower which is the child safety and safeguarding policy that Copeland ASC follow and adhere to. please read the appropriate code of conduct and once read tick the relevent boxes and then submit. you only need fill in the name of swimmer box if you are submitting the code of conduct for children that your swimmer has read and understood.

Member Code of Conduct
Please tick to confirm you have read, understood and accept these documents, you have explained
them to your swimmer and they understand them.
Code Of Conduct for Children
Code Of Conduct for coaches and teachers
Code Of Conduct for parents/guardians
Code Of Conduct for members, committee members, officials and volunteers