The club is organised and run by an elected committee comprising a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, up to 11 elected members and up to 3 co-opted members.

The current committee (who are also the trustees of the Charity) are:

Chairperson: John Conery
Vice Chairperson: Matthew Hinde
Secretary: Angela Brown

Communication/logistics: Allison Quayle
Treasurer: Mark Holliday
Members: Julie Williamson ,Jackie Wren ,John Freestone, Richard Quayle, Elaine Amor, Matthew Makin, Anne Marie Houghton, Jo Cloudsdale, Robin Sparshot, Jullie Jarrett, Jamie Jardine, Angela Brown, Hazel Deans

The club’s Child Welfare Officer is Mrs Elaine Amor
Other duties


Fund Raising Coordinator:    Jo Cloudsdale

Learn to swim Coordinator:  Julie Williamson

Publicity/Newsletters:         Vacant

Membership Secretary:       Matthew Makin

Trophy Controller:              Nicola Stephenson, John Conery

Meet Organisers:               Keith Chisholm, John Conery
Electronic Timing:              Mike Stephenson, Robin Sparshot, Bob Cloudsdale, Paul Enwright, Donna Lowes
Club Gear:                        Allison Quayle, Nicola Stephenson
Swim 21:                          Matthew Hinde
Learn To Swim:                 Julie Williamson, Caroline Pettigrew, supported by Hannah Wren, Rebecca Amor,                                                           Neve Richardson, Stacy Makin
Website:                           John Conery
Records of Achievement:    Vacant
Gala Entries:                     John Conery/Mark Wilson

Gala Committee:               John Conery, Jamie Jardine, Nicola Stephenson


Coaches and Team Management

Head Coach:                    Julie Williamson (L2)

Assistant Coaches:           Jackie Wren (L2), Mark Amor (L1), Richard Quayle (L1), Caroline Pettigrew (L1)

Poolside Helpers:             Phil Hawkrigg

The Head Coach is Julie Williamson and she is supported by a team of coaches/teachers who are always happy to discuss any queries or problems that swimmers or parents may have. Julie is responsible for ALL coaching and teaching matters for all squads.


The club’s Team Manager is Jackie Wren who along with Julie Williamson looks after the team at most of the competitions that club swimmers are involved in.

The Diddy League Team Managers are Jackie Wren, Richard Quayle, Caroline Pettigrew and Lucy Stephenson